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Anuual General Assembly of the AIPOD Held Today in Tehran




Anuual General Assembly of the AIPOD Held Today in Tehran

Annual General Assembly of the “AIPOD” Held Today in Tehran: The Anuual General Assembly of the AIPOD (Association of Iranian Producers Of Disposables) was held today March 08th 2017 at the premises of the Olymic Hotel at the west of Tehran.


The main discussion of the assembly was announcement of the report of the AIPOD’s management boards for the members’ approval. The total action and activities of the association was presented by Mr. Hamid Samadi and the financial report was presented by Mr. Mahdi Emami Ale-Agha (the AIPOD’s Executive Manager), which at the end was approved by the members who had been attended to the assembly.


Anuual General Assembly of the AIPOD Held Today in Tehran


Election of the official body for surveilance and financial control (Inspector) of the association is on the go and will be announced after a while at this report.


After the election, Mr. Mahdi Samadi was elected at the position of the AIPOD’s official Inspector, and Mr. M. Mahdi Mohhammadi was chosen as the substitude person in charge.


The AIPOD association was founded in 2012 in order to organize the scattered companies who had no umrella to gather under one roof for many years. After foundation of the AIPOD the Governmental official bodies have been informed of the low quality and even bad quality producers of disposable products.




AIPOD: The Association of the Iranian Producers of Disposable. Founded in 2012, at the early days, the association aimed bringing all producers of the plastics disposables under one umbrella with a common goal. The goal was to develop the production of standard high quality products and define boundaries with low quality producers. Also there was a task force for making the consumers aware of the facts about the products which were claimed to be produced by polymers from natural resources. Now, the association is trying to epand its cooperation with international producers and manufacturers of all technological area (Raw Materials, Machinery and Products). The contact info of the Association are:


Office: Unit 4, No. 14, Kabkanian Ave., Keshavarz Blvd., Valie-Asr Roundabout, Tehran, Iran.


Phone: (+98-21) 8899 7010-15


Fax: (+98-21) 8899 7013









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